San José, Costa Rica, October 8th, 2012

Hi! Doctor,

I´ve had the same dentist during many years… when I moved, I had to find a new doctor. I was lucky enough to find Dr. Chin, who distinguishes herself by her great professional ability but above all, her kindness and excellent care.

Thanks doctor!!

Gustavo Leiva.

San José, Costa Rica, April 25th, 2012

The care provided during the treatment was very good and efficient. I met the doctor through the website. One Saturday, I had severe pain in my tooth, after 15 minutes of sending the message she returned the call; giving me timely care to relieve the pain and to treat me that Monday. She is a responsible person who inspires confidence and an excellent professional. The work was excellent and her care was wonderful.

Profesora. Karina Hidalgo Moya

San José, Costa Rica, March 19th, 2012

Through this note I want to greet and to express to Dr. Rebeca Chin the reason for my email:

I greatly appreciate the treatment, patience, professionalism, dedication and charisma that  Dr. Chin works with, she performed me a root canal treatment and my pain and discomfort disappeared.

I recommend Dr. Chin in all aspects and if in the future I have a pain, with no doubt I would make an appointment to proceed with the angel hands of Dr. Chin.

Thank you very much Dr. Chin, it was a pleasure dealing with you.

I wish you success and prosperity for your office.


Ing. Graciela Solano López

Hello Doctor. I would like to share my experience with you, it has been outstanding as in none of my many visits to the dentist or specialist I have found a treatment like yours. Thank you very much for you determination and special care.

Atte Ing. John Blanco Ced: 1-1099-0712

San José, Costa Rica September 2011.

Hi Rebequita!

We wish to express our gratitude for the years you have given us your friendship and professional services. Your kind manner and touch let us take our treatment with joy.Thank you for your excellent work and professionalism. Love always

Eduardo and Ana Guillén de Garro.

San José, Costa Rica May 2011.


Through this letter I would like to share my experience with Dr. Chin.

Dr. Chin on top of being a great professional is one who gives her life to good work, shown in the simple fact of personal treatment to the patient; personally she treated me very well, dedicating herself to perform premium work, something done by only few professionals.

She is a wonderful human being and showing passion for her career. If this were recommendation to anyone, would say that I recommend her not 100%, but 1000!.

Nina Meyn Quiros

Heredia, Costa Rica.

San José, Costa Rica 2010

I found Dr. Chin through the website since I had a sore tooth for months. Thanks to the commitment and dedication that the doctor put in my case I have been able to move forward.

I recommend the doctor because she is a great professional, which also shows the interest and human quality to their patients.

Jessica Herrera Araya

Speech therapist

San José, Costa Rica 2010

Dr. Chin,
Many thanks for your warm and professional treatment. It is difficult find a dentist that transmits the patient the safety and peace of mind one needs.

For those of us who have a well-founded fear of dental treatment, a special treatment is imperative, a lot of patience and an explanation of everything that is going to be done to us.

You have no idea how much I appreciate your kindness and the security that as a professional you transmit.

Really thank you very much,

Lic. Eugenia Montero Quesada

Madrigal Quesada Firm

Tel 2280 1295 Fax 2253 5227

San José, August 2008

I have been a patient of Rebeca Chin V. since her beginnings as a Practitioner, and have continued due to the trust and professionalism that she has given me during all this years.

Olga Barquero

San José, July 2008

With great satisfaction I have been a patient of Dra. R. Chin for many years. Her human and professional quality allows me to feel very well at her clinic. I recommend her services.

Dr. Gustavo Duarte. M.Q.C.

San José, May 15th 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

I, Dr. Fernando Sánchez Villegas, Endodontic Specialist from Minnesota University, USA, have worked the last 9 years as Endodontic Teacher at the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica. I have known Dra. Rebeca Chin since her early years of dentistry studies at Universidad de Costa Rica, where she performed with excellence. Driven by her characteristic attitude toward excellence, she joined the post graduate program for Endodontics in Universidad Latina, from 2002 to 2004 where she was my outstanding student, obtaining the degree of Endodontic Specialist, and not just that, motivated by her enthusiasm for the root canal treatment, she continued working for two years as Endodontist for the faculty of Odontology of Universidad Latina, performing the endodontic procedures that due to its high complexity, the normal students were not able to do.

The above is a small summary of the reasons why I recommend without any reserve Dra. Rebeca Chin. I am sure that Dra. Chin will perform extremely well in her career. Hoping my recommendation is well received, give my regards,

Dr. Fernando Sánchez Villlegas

Tels: 2235-91 32 / 8353-4643

San José, May 7th 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

I use this space to state that Dra. Rebeca Chin has worked in the Odontology Clinic of Universidad Latina, as Endodontic Specialist from June 21st 2006 to March 27th 2008. I recommend Dra. Chin as a responsible professional, with a high interest for her patients, and great charisma and vocation.

Extended per request of Dra. Chin, on May 6th 2008, in San José.


Licda Marcela Acuña

Administradora de Clínicas U Latina

Ced. 1-954-734

Call Us (506) 8994-1250

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