Dentista trabajando

Clinical diagnosis:evaluation of oral health and its respective solutions when they become necessary

X-rays:technological support to the clinical diagnosis in the evaluation of the oral health


Cleaning (prophylaxis): ultrasonic waves to eliminate tartar, plaque and supragingival sediments (above gum surface level) and elimination of spots by means of polishing paste

Curettage: deeper cleaning to eliminate tartar, plaque and subgingival affected tissue (underneath gum level)


Restorative procedures

Amalgams: restoration by means of silver alloy, of molar pieces that was damaged by decay or fractures,

Composite Resins:restoration by means of composite resin of teeth that were damaged by decay, fractures or wear

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns:restoration of severely damaged teeth by addition of piece of porcelain or metal/porcelain on top of the original piece

Bridges: substitution of a missing teeth by a pontic (made of porcelain and metal) that is anchored on the neighboring pieces


Partial denture: partial replacement of missing teeth by means of a removable prosthesis

Total denture: total replacement of the teeth by means of a removable complete prosthesis

Anesthesia:we have available different types from anesthesia according to the particular needs of the patient. In all cases, the anesthesia is preheated to the corporal temperature, to diminish the sensation at the time of its application.

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