Dentist working

ROOT CANAL TREATMENT:the purpose of root canal therapy is the removal of the tooth nerve, the cleaning and preparation of its canal, and the obturation of the canal (filling with a sealant), that enable its final reconstruction. This procedure is needed in the following situations:

Severe decay

Fracture exposing the nerve

Death of the nerve due to trauma or infection



Evaluation and analysis of the symptoms

Vitality tests

Radiovisiography (digital X-ray)

Root canal treatment using Rotary handpiece (assisted by apex locator) with nickel-titanium files

Uniradicular:single root teeth, normally straight and easy to access, in general with only one canal.

Biradicular:teeth with two roots, normally straight and easy to access, in general with two to three canals.

Multiradicular:teeth with several roots, normally curved and difficult to access, presenting from 3 to 5 canals

Glass-fiber Endo-Post placement and endodontic fillings

to facilitate the restorative procedure of the tooth.

Anesthesia:we have available different types from anesthesia according to the particular needs of the patient. In all cases, the anesthesia is preheated to the corporal temperature, to diminish the sensation at the time of its application.

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